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Otago skink (<i>Oligosoma otagense</i>).

New Zealand's largest skink species. Currently listed by the IUCN as Endangered

We at Hidden New Zealand Photography aim to provide visitors with beautiful images of New Zealand, it's fauna, flora, and it's people.

Our New Zealand wildlife sections aim to provide an insight into the seldom noticed and often overlooked members of New Zealand's unique fauna while still providing a wide range of the more well known species which comprise our fauna.

Through these New Zealand wildlife sections we hope to raise awareness of the unique fauna New Zealand possess and encourage people to take an interest in them and their conservation.

Our Landscape sections aim to offer you a look at our beautiful country, it's wonderful wild places as well as it's not so wild places.

We also have galleries covering a selection of other types of photos including plants and flowers, abstract photography, and more.

<font size=4>Moniqua Nelson-Tunley</font>
- Contributor

Andrew Blayney

- Creator and contributor

Moniqua Nelson-Tunley

- Contributor

Richard Blayney

- Contributor

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